Community Statistics


COUNTY: Macomb
AREA: 28.1 square miles
LOCATION: 20 miles northeast of Detroit
GOVERNMENT: Charter Township
POPULATION: 100,529 (SEMCOG estimate 2015)

Average Homestead Tax Rate = 41.2217
Average Non-Homestead Tax Rate = 58.9746
Average Personal Property Industrial Rate = 26.2217
Average Personal Property Commercial Rate = 37.975

HOUSING: $40,000 to $1,900,000

UTILITIES: DTE Energy, Consumers Energy, SBC, Detroit Water & Sewerage, Refuse collection, Comcast & Wide Open West Cable TV

PUBLIC SAFETY: 89 Police Officers and 74 Fire Department Personnel

MEDICAL SERVICES: One hospital in Clinton Township and two in adjacent communities; numerous clinics and medical offices throughout the township

FINANCIAL SERVICES: Several commercial banking, savings and loan institutions, credit unions and affiliate branches

Clinton-Macomb Public Library, Main Branch 226-5000
Clinton-Macomb Public Library, South Branch 226-5070
Clinton-Macomb Public Library, North Branch 226-5080
Macomb Community College Library, 286-2104

NEWSPAPERS:The Macomb Daily, The Advisor, The Clinton Chronicle

ORGANIZATIONS: Clinton Township Goodfellows, Kiwanis, Optimist Club, Rotary & Lions Club

PARKS & RECREATION: Clinton Township Parks & Recreation Department, Huron-Clinton Metro Authority: beaches, boating & fishing on Lake St. Clair, Macomb County & Clinton Township: school parks and playgrounds

SCHOOLS: 5 School Districts serve Clinton Township with several schools in each district. Special Education Programs, Macomb College and University Center, senior citizen classes, programs, support and outreach referral are available to meet the educational, cultural, athletic, creative & emotional needs of the older adult.


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